UAN Training Sessions

Year-End Update

The following information is provided to assist you with completing required year end procedures. Included below are links to recorded online training sessions and materials from the annual UAN Year End Update Conference.

Notes to the Annual Financial Statements

A Local Government Services representative presented the following training video and handouts on preparing Notes to the Annual Financial Statements at the 2016 Year End Conference.

1095 / 1094 Forms

The following handout and lecture were provided at the 2015 Year End Conference. Note: the majority of UAN clients may not be required by the IRS to complete the 1095 or 1094 forms, but it is very important that you determine any requirement for your particular entity and comply if necessary. Please view the presentation for further details.

2018 Year End Procedures

The Year End Procedures is a detailed guide through the process of closing fiscal year 2018 while the Year End Best Practices is an optional checklist designed to be used in conjunction with the Year End Procedures. The Year End Best Practices is intended for individuals who would like to follow a single path through the year end process even if that means delaying some work in order to maintain a set step-by-step sequence of tasks to complete. Please refer to the Year End Procedures when greater detail on any particular step is needed.

2018 Year-End Update

Click the links that follow to access the 2018 Year End Update conference documents provided in addition to the Year End Procedures and Year End Best Practices and to view the online presentation recordings.

Conference Documents

Conference Presentation Recordings

When you click a link to one of the recordings, your internet browser will open a YouTube website where you can view the recording.

Year End Update Video

All UAN training qualifies for Fiscal Integrity Act training credit. Please visit the Public Integrity Act website at http://www.ohioauditor.gov/fiscalintegrity/default.html for additional detail and submission guidance.