UAN Hardware

Computer Hardware

Dell Hardware Service

If your new hardware ever requires service, please contact the Dell Technical Support Team at (866) 516-3115. Please have your service tag number ready when you call for service. Your service tag number identifies you as an UAN client, and will ensure that you receive the premium level of support and next-day repair or replacement service. If you have a Dell desktop, the service tag number is affixed on the side of the CPU. If you have a Dell laptop, the service tag number is affixed on the top of the laptop.

UAN Guidance for Clients Encountering Malware

This memo documents the actions that UAN Tech Support can and can't do in assisting clients that encounter malicious computer attacks such as ransomware.

Sound Check Quick Tips

This memo is designed to diagnose and resolve issues with computer's sound output. If no sound is being produced or the level of sound is too low, these instructions provide detailed steps to assist you.

Print Screen Functionality

The print screen function from the old hardware is not compatible with Windows 7. However, there are simple and more flexible options available on the new hardware.