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Contents of Version 2016.1 Mailing

This memo includes a listing of the contents of the UAN Version of 2016.1 Update (Year End) Mailing.

Version 2016.1 Update Instructions

This memo includes step-by-step instructions to install the version update. Please note that the update must be installed after version 2015.3 has been installed

Version 2016.1 Overview

This memo outlines the key software updates with Version 2016.1 including many enhancements to the Accounting and Payroll modules, incorporated changes requested from the Auditor of State?s Audit Division, and a number of helpful reminders.


Ideally, it is better to review Accounting and Payroll ?housekeeping procedures? throughout the year to prevent complicating the year end procedures. UAN has provided this booklet to review ?housekeeping? items so that entities may confirm that any necessary error correction has been addressed before completing the Year End Procedures.

2015 Year End Best Practices

This checklist is a new optional guide for closing the fiscal year. It is designed to be a concise step-by-step checklist to use in conjunction with the Year End Procedures booklet. It is intended for individuals who would like to follow a single path through the year end process even if that means delaying some work in order to maintain a set step-by-step sequence of tasks to complete. Please refer to the Year End Procedures when greater detail on any particular step is needed.

2015 Year End Procedures

The Year End Procedures booklet is a detailed guide to software tasks for closing the fiscal year.

Auditor of State of Ohio Bulletin 2011-004 GASB 54 Reporting

This an unmodified copy of the bulletin provided by Auditor of State of Ohio. It is included as a supplement to the UAN Year End Procedures for consideration when completing the required GASB 54 fund classifications. The GASB Statement 54 introduces five fund balance classifications and clarifies the existing governmental fund type definitions. This bulletin clarifies the impact on Ohio governmental units.

GASB 54 Fund Purposes

The document provided by the Local Government Services division of the Auditor of State?s Office is included as a supplement to the UAN Year End Procedures for consideration when completing the required GASB 54 fund classifications

Steps for Emailing EFT Pay Stubs

Version 2016.1 includes a new option for customers that are currently processing payroll EFT Wages to email EFT pay stubs to participating employees. This memo provides a step-by-step guide to setup and use this new feature.

2016 UAN Support Holiday Schedule

This memo outlines the UAN Support and Technical Support normal hours of operations, extended hours, and 2016 holiday schedule.