UAN Training Sessions


UAN has developed a training program that will benefit the brand new Fiscal Officer as well as those with considerable experience but perhaps not with UAN. The training program is designed in four phases and each phase is based on either your experience as a Fiscal Officer or your experience with the UAN application.

Phase 1 - Orientation: This session for all Fiscal Officers that are new to UAN and is an introduction to everything UAN! We'll discuss training, UAN Support, fees, invoices, your UAN hardware, password resets, virus protection, software releases, updating your UAN contact information, the UANlink and much, much more. Please note that this session does not discuss the UAN application.

Phase 2 - UAN Prerequisite Training: These sessions are designed for inexperienced Fiscal Offers. The sessions are designed to acquaint new Fiscal Officers with fund accounting and payroll concepts necessary to begin utilizing the UAN application. If you have no previous experience with fund accounting and/or payroll, be sure to review the UAN prerequisite training materials before any UAN application training.

Phase 3 - UAN Introduction Training: These sessions are designed for either the new Fiscal Officer or the experienced Fiscal Officer that is new to UAN. They provide the knowledge and skills to become proficient with everyday duties in the UAN application.

Phase 4 - UAN Proficiency Training: These sessions are designed for experienced Fiscal Officers that are new to UAN. These sessions provide the knowledge and skills to become efficient with the functions (maintenance, transactions, reports and utilities) within each UAN module (accounting, payroll, budget, inventory and cemetery). New Fiscal Officers should ensure that the concepts discussed in Phase 2 and 3 are understood prior to beginning this phase.

The UAN Proficiency Training sessions are available by selecting Training from the top menu and then select the desired module.

Training Opportunities for UAN Clients

The UAN trainings qualify for Fiscal Integrity Act training credit.
For additional details and submission guidance visit the Fiscal Integrity Act page.