UAN Training Releases

Year End Instructions

To view your entity's annual financial report and/or notes that UAN filed with the Hinkle System, click or type in the following into your web browser: https://eservices.ohioauditor.gov/

The Customer Number that you need to enter is the same as your Auditor of State (AOS) account number which can be found on any copy of an AOS invoice to your entity. It is five characters long and follows the format of: two numbers, one letter, two numbers.

The Customer Email Address that you need to enter is the email address your entity has on file with AOS Fiscal Department.

If you are having trouble logging in to your eServices account, please send an email to eServices@OhioAuditor.gov

After logging into your entity's eServices account, the following steps will allow you to view the annual financial reports and notes that UAN filed/submitted on your behalf to the Hinkle System. Reminder: this is for viewing only; your entity does not complete any additional steps on the website to file with the Hinkle System.

  • Step 1: From the Eservices home screen select 'Hinkle System'.
  • Step 2: From the Hinkle System page there will be a table. Within the table are the year end filings that have submitted to the Hinkle System. To review your 2017 year end filing, select 2017 in the blue font. The Financial Data Viewer page will be displayed.
  • Step 3: From the Financial Data Viewer page select 'View All Details'. The Filing Details page will be displayed.
  • Step 4: From the Filing Details page, select the PDF document icon located to the right of 'Uploaded Document' to open it. Note: If the document does not open right away, look for a message on the screen asking if you want to Open, Save, or Cancel the document. Click Open to display the document.
  • Step 5: The PDF document will contain annual financial report statements listed first, followed by the notes to the financial statements at the end. Scroll to the end of the document to confirm that all of the notes pages that you prepared are included in the PDF. If the notes are incomplete or if some other document was accidently included instead of the notes, then you will need to correct the problem in UAN first, then recreate and resubmit the AFR-AOS Backup file (or disc) and resubmit it to UAN by the AOS deadline.