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This manual is a reference guide for the UAN Cemetery Software, a component of the Uniform Accounting Network. The Cemetery Program is designed to assist in the task of managing and tracking cemeteries. It allows a computer database of cemeteries and graves to be created. A local government can add cemeteries to the database, customize the organization of each cemetery, sell the grave sites, and record data on who is buried in each grave. A search utility is built into the software to providethe ability to search based on names or dates. This utility also aids in finding specific graves, names of decedents and other data for administrative or public genealogical research purposes. In addition, a customized deed application allows for a blank deed, a single grave deed or a multiple graves deed to be printed for a single owner. Various summary reports are also available.

This manual contains procedures for the operation of the UAN Cemetery software and the structure of the manual has been designed to guide you through each application of the system.

Cemetery Training Course

Cemetery Manual

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